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- How many octabines are in ONE truck?

- How many boxes are in ONE 40' HC container?

- Where could i find the detailed information about products?
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Width: 102cm

Lenght: 119cm

Height: 109cm

Export Box

Width: 41cm

Lenght: 59cm

Height: 39cm

Cap and Separator Box

Width: 59cm

Lenght: 59cm

Height: 51cm


Width: 100cm

Lenght: 120cm

Height: 14cm




What is PET?

PET is a technically challenging material, and making PET preforms – and ultimately, PET bottles and jars– is a highly competitive, quality- and productivity-driven business. As a preform molder, you need the highest level of control over every aspect of your process from the moment PET pellets are delivered until finished preforms are shipped off for blow-molding. Material conditions, processing efficiency, energy consumption, and final preform quality all need to be controlled and managed to the highest degree or your operation cannot be successful.


In this challenging environment, Teknopet excels. Only Teknopet has the breadth of equipment, the advanced technology, the comprehensive knowledge and experience, to bring together a complete PET molding cell and guarantee low energy costs, high yields and optimum end product quality. We have the global manufacturing, engineering, installation, service and support capabilities to bring everything together successfully.


Material handling, drying, blending, process temperature control, preform handling and scrap reclaim systems are optimized to the rigid requirements of PET preform production. Energy consumption is minimized at every stage of the process. Plant wide controls track all critical parameters, compensate when conditions change, and generate the documentation to confirm what you already know: that your manufacturing cell is running smoothly and every preform meets the same high quality standards.


Teknopet has an international PET team ready to take ownership of your project and see it through to completion. We are able to bring you custom solutions for any requirement thanks to our fully featured tool shop.


To Produce PET Preform/Bottle

Traditionally PET bottle molding machines could be divided into two categories - those using the One-Step "hot preform" method and those using the Two-Step "cold preform" method. The One-Step method -- from PET granule to finished bottle -- all processes are completed on one integrated machine. This means the injection-molded preform is withdrawn from the injection cavity while still hot enough to be stretch blown to form the bottle. No extra heating is required, and since preforms are not stockpiled to be blown at a later date, but are freshly molded every time, there is no risk of surface damage from preforms knocking together during storage or transportation. One-Step method is highly suited to small and medium scale production lines.


    (PET is commonly recycled, and has the number "1)           (A short section of a PET polymer chain)






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